VD-MARKETING is a Marketing and advertisement creative company based in Croatia,central Europe. We serve as Europe Marketing information anchor, empowering a large number of customers to grow Their business by getting an accurate marketing and advertisement services. VD-MARKETING was founded by Zeljko Matijevic in 2022. Our story telling is inspired by your interest and ardent obligations to get your business across the frontline of maximizing profits

We work together to design, create, Brand and Rebrand works that we are proud of for individuals that we believe in and who believe in our uniqueness and flexibility. We are available to offer services in a wide range of creative marketing designs and styles that are suitable towards each variety of jobs, projects and gigs. The services featured on VD-MARKETING About Us page are worth much more than you can read.

Our Mission

The main ideal of our Marketing agency is to help you through your business and achieve your fiscal targets and maximize profit. ARE YOU A LARGE OR SMALL- SCALE BUSINESS COOPERATION OR INDIVIDUAL PERSON SEEKING TO GET RELEVANT INFORMATION. Are you zealous and passionate about making your company product capacity soars advanced within the floundering frugality. Getting effects Done hastily and efficiently requires accurate specialized know- how and right information dispersion. perfecting your product capacity and services bear a simple active approach, that which is simply our thing. Do you want to attain a dynamic increase and succeed in a prevailing marketing frugality? The most prevailing question demanded to be asked What do you want? We give Heed to your constraint and are impelled to give a precise result! .

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Our Vision

Your SATISFACTION is of our utmost significance! We produce a unique occasion for brands to meet their targeted demands and benefits. We'll make a difference and a change for you. Are you ready for a change? SERVICES AND ESTIMATED BUDGETS Services are distributed into Recurring and Non-Recurring Services We offer the creation and redesign of the Brand. Advertising on social networks. .

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Meet the Team

VDMARKETING is equipped with a team of professionals whose excellent Working ethics are best to none!



Hamza Khan


Michael Alozieuwa


Digital Marketing & Graphic Design Services

VD- MARKETING was founded by ZELJKO MATIJEVIC in 2020 and officially registered in 2022. Our storytelling is inspired by your interest and and progressive efficiency..



Our services are classified on Recurring & Non-Recurring Services. We offer the creation and design of Brand name. Social media networks.

Got Over 6 Affiliates


The Necessity of our Marketing Expansion Plans Marketing strategy plan, market research analysis, product & service development analysis Steps for Creating a Successful Marketing and Advertising Expansion Plan for your Brand product and services.

Became an International Brand


We have over ten company associates all over the world who are professionally trained in Internet marketing and advertising towards Brand names business profit maximization.

• Google Ads HRK 800/106, €50
• E-mail Marketing HRK 1000-3000/€134-400
• Management of business websites HRK 1000/month 134€/month
• Maintenance of social networks 350 kn/month 50€/month
• Marketing strategy HRK 7,500+/€1,000+
• Ads for social networks HRK 400/€50
• Brand design/redesign HRK 1000-3000/€134-400
• Creation of business profiles on social networks HRK 1500/€150
• Presentations HRK 700-2000/€100-270
Illustrations HRK 350-2000/€50-270
•Logo HRK 1000 / €130
•business card design HRK 250/€34 + print price
•Leaflet design HRK 200-300/€27-40 + print price
•Brochure design 2 pages. HRK 450/€60
3-4 p. HRK 500-550/€66-73 + print price
•Catalog 12 pages. HRK 950/€127
32 p. HRK 1,920/255, €61
64 p. HRK 3,200/€427 + print price
• Posters A3-B2, B1 HRK 350-450/€60 + print price
• Jumbo poster HRK 500/67 euros + print price
•Billboard HRK 750/€100 + print price
• Bigboard HRK 1,000/€130 + print price
• Labels for products, packaging HRK 800-2000/€107-266 + print price
•Stickers for office doors, notice boards A3-B2 HRK 400-750/€54-100 + print price
• Price list, Menu HRK 500/€67 + print price
•Invitation cards HRK 300/€40 + print price
•Illustration for the brand of the company, OPG, product HRK 2,500/€334

Our Partners

With a professional attitude toward effective Internet marketing-advertisement, we have more than ten business partners worldwide